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Mentorship Program

(2) Full day shadow Sessions a Month

Have a full day session with me breaking down my entire service/experience on every client and more.

(4) Equip Talk Team Build Sessions a Month

Let’s build with one another with the Equip Family twice a month figuring out ways to improve throughout the industry, how to move as a unit, gaining knowledge on different things outside of barbering to help us grow overall and become Eqiup’d for the future.

(4) Equip Visionary Shop Consultant Session per Quarter

We will discuss everything that goes into running a successful shop, how to build a great team & how to manage a shop and give a unforgettable experience.


Enrollment Fee
4th of July SALE
66% OFF

$1499.97 $499.97

$199.97 / month

First 30 days free.


Hawk has been blessed to be a Master Barber for over 12 years now. With over 100,000+ hours spent on the craft of barbering. Mastering every aspect from Winning barber battles, being crowned best barber of America, managing over 6 successful barbershops, starting products, cutting high profile clientele, working with Big Time Companies, educating all over the world, having clippers made after him, and so much more. Now It's time to pass the blessing, knowledge, wisdom over to the Equip Family.

The Equip Mentorship program is here to build and pass over the knowledge and wisdom that will help Equip each member to walk in their true purpose and where they want to be in life from business, family, mentally, physically, and spiritually

The Equip Mentorship Program will be a family built off of Spiritual Counsel and will be a tribe that moves together, Equipping one another and our community.

The Enrollment Fee is there to separate who’s serious about getting Equip and who’s not.
The Enrollment Fee is based on a small fraction of what you will receive throughout this mentorship.

Additional Perks

Pop Up Work Shops

I’ll have pop up shops at The Equip Visionary Loft for mentees to come to the shop and cut their clients so they can feel the full Equip Experience.

Equip Spiritual Counsel

Equip Spiritual Counsel, will be added throughout everything inside the mentorship. This will also come with an occasional Bible Study.

First Access To Exclusive Equip Drops

Coming Soon!

It’s time to get Equip’d
Come Join The Equip Family!

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.
— 2 Timothy 3:16-17